We Are Awarded BRC Grade AA

BRC is the most important Food Safety standard in the food processing industry. BRC Agents & Brokers has been created to certify companies having proper knowledge and procedures to implement and monitor the highest Food Safety Standards throughout the Supply Chains created for its customers. LP Foods is proud to be further ranked Grade AA like only 4 other companies in the global BRC directory, a testimony to our distinctive professionality and attention to detail.

LP Foods understands that the food we eat is kept safe through the dedicated efforts of everyone who grows, processes, transports, stores, sells, prepares, and serves it. On the occasion of World Food Safety Day, June 7, through the BRC standards, we are committed to sourcing in an ethical and environmentally
responsible way at the heart of our business.


Short Interview of Thanh and Hoa, Quality Assurance Team of LP Foods

What is BRC?

British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards are set guidelines for food and quality safety and management systems certified by the GFSI (Global Foods Safety Initiatives) organization

Why is BRC important?

BRC is the certification that is requested by large importers and distributors in markets such as the UK, US, EU, etc.

What makes BRC different from other certificates?

BRC has been created in UK, a market where retailer’s standards are well known for being particularly strict and setting the reference standards globally

What was the challenges in getting (and maintaining) the BRC Certificate?

There are numerous strict standards to abide by the company and the sourcing sites. The BRC certificate is not a one-time guarantee, there are annual audits: the challenge is in maintaining (the certificate) and improving continuously.

We do this by:

1. Performing internal food safety and quality management
system reviews monthly

2. Being Audited annually by an independent Auditor chosen by BRC and
coming directly from the UK as in Vietnam there is no A&B accredited certification body

How do we maintain our status as a BRC certified company?

We follow a schedule we created, inspect and review detailed and specific elements in our supply chain system. Currently on the global BRC Directory system there are only 5 Agents & Brokers certified companies with the highest score (AA) so we feel the responsibility to keep the compliance level, food safety and quality management system.

What are the advantages (benefits) of BRC certificates? like what does it mean for us?

We can demonstrate our integrity and claims of higher supply chain standards implementation and maintenance with a globally recognized certification and therefore gain more trust from demanding customers.

What are our current and next(future) plans?

We plan to look into obtaining a Social Responsibility Certification (SMETA/BSC) as well as possible join projects with the major NGOs in Vietnam in the field of Sustainability or Organic

We predict that it will be very difficult for ocean freight from Vietnam to decrease the cost, even for next year.

Do you trust BRC Certification? Is it important for your business? Feel free to drop us a line!

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