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Responsibly Sourcing at our core

LP Foods team is professionally prepared to perform full Supply Chain Audits on the basis of ASC and BAP, as well as implement our customers’ RS standards thus protecting their brands.

In our efforts to do the right thing and make a small contribution for a better world, we only deal with seafood items with a Responsible Sourcing profile backed by a recognized certification, as well as actively engage in FIP projects with NGO’s to seek improvements to fisheries who need it.

We strongly desire to be Socially Responsible, and we monitor the Welfare of all workers across our supply chain parts, through recognized social certifications (SMETA, BSCI) as well as active cold checks and inspections.

We are committed to offering superior quality seafood products without compromising the environment, the welfare of the fish, the welfare of everyone working on it.

We scout the world in search of sustainable seafood, and outstanding people to join our community.

A recognized seafood leader and a country fascinating rich in traditions, Vietnam is where our heart is.

Nha Trang Seafoods DL 394

  • Meet the first seafood processing factory established in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang, Vietnam
  • A responsible company, it is actively investing in farms to have full control of everything it produces, and guarantee perfectly safe and high quality products to consumers
  • It is certified ASC, Global G.A.P, Best Aquaculture Practices for his efforts to minimize environmental impact. It is also certified SMETA, ISO 9000, Sedex, for his attention to the wellness of all its workers whose livelihood depends on the company.

Promarmex – Mexico

  • Promarmex is the leading octopus processing plant in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico, which is at the centre of the octopus fishing grounds.
  • Equipped with blast freezers and FFA certified by SGS it has the best processing and hygiene standards in the area.
  • Years of export to Japan show our reliability and honest working ethics.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Practices

• Promotion of Responsible and low impact farming based on highest standards, latest technologies, as well as ‘do the right thing’ values

• Promotion of Responsible fishing through focus on hand and pool catching, support to development of fishing communities, active engagement and in Fishery Improvement Projects in Vietnam and Indonesia

• Social Responsibility: Rely on SMETA and BSCI to protect Workers Welfare and routinely monitor for compliance in our farm and factory

• Developing our network of Research Universities in Singapore and Japan to combat water pollution, eye stalk ablation, and similar issues

• Working to improve the transparency of fish meal and fish oil ingredients to improve sustainability and decrease overtime use of marine ingredients

• Developing special feed formulas to boost Nutrition performance of our seafood ingredients and the related Nutrition benefits for consumers

GMO, Hormone, and Antibiotic Free

Our seafood is 100% free of antibiotics, added hormones and GMOs

Quality & Accreditations

Responsibly Farmed items:
• Sea caught items
• BAP 4* accredited establishments
• ASC farms
• FIP – Fishery Improvement Project
• Monitoring of fishing techniques, tools, by catch Factories:
• Sedex, Smeta or equivalent Social Certification standard

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