Certificate Policy



Farmed items:

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ASC and BAP 4* Supply Chain

Sea caught items:

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MSC - Marine Stewardship Council
FIP - Fishery Improvement Projects
Monitoring of fishing techniques, tools, bycatch

Food safety and social standards:

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BRC, IFS SEDEX, SMETA, BSCI or equivalent Social Standard

Social Responsibility – Policies to guarantee our Supply Chain:

  • We expect all our suppliers to join SEDEX, complete the SEDEX self-assessment to keep these information updated.
  • We require that all SEDEX ‘high risk’ rated suppliers undertake a suitable third-party ethical trading audit.
  • We request SMETA & BSCI assessment as a further confirmation of good practice.
  • We actively perform unannounced sites visits to monitor the reality of workers’ welfare on the job.
  • We cooperate with a broad range of NGOs and Organizations to influence good practices in seafood industry (UNICEF, Oxfarm, ILO and others adding daily).

We are committed to sourcing in an ethical and environmentally responsible way at the heart of our business. Our Responsible Sourcing Standards, Risk Assessment and Food Safety Procedures match the highest standards in the business.

  • We are actively engaged in the SFP fishery improvement programmes in Indonesia, Mexico and working to expand Asia reach
  • Feed: we require full visibility of the sources of the fishmeal and fish oil, supplying fisheries and capture methods. Where possible IFFO RS certified fishmeal and fish oil is requested
  • Working on Eyestalk Ablation as a key challenge of Animal Welfare
  • Our Supply Chain and Food Safety Audit know how is backed by UK consultants and successfully lead to Waitrose and Sainsburys Approvals

Specialized in Aquaculture Shrimps Supply Chain Audits:

  • Brood stock & hatchery
  • Farm & Grow Out
  • Processing & Packaging
  • Feed Manufacture

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