LP Foods

Since 1920’s

Since 1920s, LP Foods legacy dates back to the years Amati Vongole, a respected family business man who pioneered processing and canning of clams in Europe and in the ‘80s actively exported them to the big players in USA and Japan.

Pioneers in Frozen Seafood

In the mid 1980s, Livio Petz (Amati’s Production Manager) embraced frozen seafood business and pioneered clam exports from Vietnam to Italy, as well as squid and other major items. He was considered among the first major contributors to the flourishing of the local seafood export market, and his suppliers grew to be today’s Vietnam giants. He then went on to establish a processing plant in Myanmar.

We are The New Generation

LP Foods was established in Singapore in 2005. We have offices in Vietnam and Jakarta, and a state of the art shrimp processing facility for raw and cooked shrimp, designed by UK food safety experts and vertically integrated to shrimp farms. We actively export to Japan, UK and USA, where our name is synonymous with stability, quality products, honesty and ethical behaviour.

Mr.Emanuele Petz

Managing Director (Singapore)

LP Foods is steeped in a rich and illustrious tradition, following the legacy left behind by Amati Vongole, a respected family business which pioneered processing and canning of clams in Europe and exporting them to as far away as Japan. “Our Seafood Procurement Team are dedicated to provide every customer with the best experience and services”. “We make business solutions easy, affordable, exclusive that caters to your needs”.

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Ms.Bao Anh

Regional Manager (Asean & Asia Pacific)

Procurement made from quality and wholesome resources. “Our product is simply delicious!” We will match your product requirement based on tradition, innovation and a passion for perfection. Explore New Boundaries and Experience Creative Solutions together with us.

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Mr.Ong Chee Tiong (Sky)

Seafood Buyer (Indonesia)

Sharing our product knowledge with you is a delighting experience for all of us at LP Foods. Contact us to discover the benefits on Seafood Trades and Services offered to you by our professional at Lp Foods. We are confident to say that we have developed the best team to meet the global demands and we are situated in the heart of best strategic part of Asean to serve you from Singapore, Viet Nam, Indonesia and China.

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Mr.Wang Yu

Sales Executive (China)

Surrounded by waters of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. Dalian occupies a narrow isthmus of the liaoning province. At LP Foods, we recognize the important of fish in our diets and sail the vast oceans to harvest, on-board process, freeze, and deliver fish products to processors and distributors across the world.

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We seek and audit sustainable seafood sources and we proactively engage in local sea and aquaculture improvement projects.

We continuously innovate and develop value added products and ready meals in our Test Kitchen with our Corporate Chef.

We perform Research and Development projects in cooperation with University and Research Centres in the Aquaculture Field.

We have an active communication team who seek to open up our supply chain transparency through videos and media communication.

We leverage technology to give full visibility of our supply chain to our customers and to the final consumers.

In honour of Livio Petz we named our company LP Foods, and we will continue to serve, innovate and be pioneers in the ever changing tides of this industry.