VANNAMEI SHRIMPS of LP FOODS responsible sourcing, traceability and quality

Product Description – High Quality Parameters:

We provide fresh shrimps processed within 5 hours from harvest. 

Our farms are all black liner covered ponds so we can offer colour A2+ / A3 to our customers for best presentation in raw and cooked products. 

We are experienced and know the kill at pond and alive harvest techniques as well. 

We promote no chemical or moisture retainers in our product to have the best taste naturally thanks to the location of our farms close to the sea. 

Our pin deveining is meticulous and avoid split backs and remain veins. 

Responsible Sourcing:

Sourcing in an ethical and environmental responsible way is the commitment at the hearth of our business. Our Responsible Sourcing standards, Risk Assessment and Safety Procedures match the highest standards, in the business. 

LP Foods policy require suppliers to have their own farm. 

We require BAP and ASC certification as proof of good farming practice and environmental sustainability  throughout the supply chain. 

Our modern, high hygiene, well-controlled processing factory equipped with latest technology on production line, management system, skilled workers bring premium quality shrimp. It includes auto sizing machine, auto weighing and packing system, cooking and cooling system, IQF tunnel 

Food safety is of primary importance: we therefore strongly focus on BRC Certification and his meticulous and stringent application through the processing plants. 

Social Responsibility is also a key factor we care about at our farm as well as our factories. We understand that we need to care for our people and communities to move forward. We conduct social audit such as SMETA, SA 8000 in our factories. 

As a company specialized in Aquaculture shrimps  supply chain audits covering Brood stock and hatchery, Farm and Grow Out, Processing and Packaging as well as Feed Manufacture we believe we can guarantee one of the safest Supply Chain in the industry as our successful UK retail audits clearly demonstrated. 

Why we like this product:

LP Foods Vannamei shrimps are of the highest quality standards based on freshness and food safety. 

Our Responsible Sourcing protocols guarantee piece of mind to buyers and consumers throughout the supply chain. 

Our shrimp are fresh and delicious and we aim to boost its Nutrition Content of fatty acids and minerals for the health benefits of the consumers. 

LP Foods Vannamei shrimp: the n1 choice for the Responsible Retailers and Foodservice chains globally ! 

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