SPECIAL PRODUCT: Marinated Shrimp

Product description:

Our Marinated Shrimps are a collection of fusion flavors trendy and attracting the global foodies all over. Our collection of flavors is vast and ever evolving and includes Asian, European and Latin American flavors.

The shrimps are totally natural, no chemical or MSG of any kind, as a healthy and convenience food should always be.

Available in all sizes, packed in Microwaveable Trays with a patented cooking technology, in convenient bags of in boxes, it is an ideal meal or pasta and rice condiment.

Marinated Shrimps

We welcome your Chef recipes to customise our flavors !

Watch out for our new creations !


Smookey BBBQ 
Salt & Pepper 
Garlic And Herb Smoky Tomato 
Chili And Herb 
Lime Pepper
Coriander And Chili
Piri Piri 
Sweet Chili 
Tom Yum 
Thai Green Coconut 
Old Bay 


Responsible farming:

Our shrimp farms are professionally managed and tightly controlled for Food Safety and our Vannamei shrimps are ASC and BAP 4* certified.

Our state of the art shrimps processing factory DL394 guarantee on food safety and therefore focus on BRC Certification and its meticulous and stringent application through the supply chain.

Social responsibility is also a key factor we care about at our farm as well as our factory. We understand that we need to care for our people and communities to move forward. We conduct internal and third-party social audit such as SMETA and SA 8000.

We use local vegetables and herbs to retain more nutrients and assure no pesticide.

Why we like this product?

In modern days, consumer demand for healthy and convenience food has grown substantially over the past several years.

It is infusing shrimp with savory flavor as well as making it extra juicy. It’s savory with the hint of sweet that you can enjoy anytime without having to run out to the grocery.

Surely, Marinated Shrimp brings us to a new method of cooking and new perspective to dining services.

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