PRODUCT INNOVATIONReady Meal: Japanese Curry Rice

Product description:

Japanese are probably famous for the best taste and culinary aesthetic and our mission is to bring that fancy taste to your table in a very convenient way. Your microwave will cook it for you. 

Curry is the most popular dish in Japan and very common to serve with rice. This combination creates a lot of flavor and our products can be consumed without adding any side ingredients.


Our trays combine display the best taste of home-style cooked curry with high quality Japanese rice which has high moisture content and delicacy. 

Our delicious shrimp are seasoned with salt and pepper in a homemade style curry paste to give it a nice zesty note. 

Responsible Sourcing:

Sourcing in an ethical and environmental responsible way is the commitment at the hearth of our business. Our Responsible Sourcing standards, Risk Assessment and Safety Procedures match the highest standards in the business. 

We require BAP and ASC certification as proof of good farming practice and environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain. 

Why we like this product?

Our Responsible Sourcing protocols guarantee piece of mind to buyers and consumers throughout the supply chain. 

Our shrimp/vegetables are fresh and delicious, and we aim to boost its Nutrition Content of fatty acids and minerals for the health benefits of the consumers. 

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