Octopus Maya

Product description:

Daily caught by Pole and Bait boats, Octopus Maya lands freshness at our plant in multiple daily delivery.
Octopus Maya is a high freshness octopus performing well in a variety of products and cut: Whole Round Cleaned, Whole Cooked and Cut, Tentacles Cooked and Cut, Sushi.
It is suitable for grilling, frying and for sushi as well, so it is a key octopus item for both foodservice and retail.

Our factory Promarmex is located in Progresso, Yucatan, on the beach about 1 hour from Merida city.

Responsible Sourcing:

Yucatan octopus is caught in an artisan fishery based on a traditional catching method using Poles and Bait, no hook.

The octopus male adhere himself to the bait in attempt to get food, so it is captured alive without harm.

The catching method allow fisherman to return to the sea the octopus below the 450gr size as required by law, and there are no by catches.

In addition, this type of catch is based on the fact that female octopus stop eating when they are ovulating, consequently we avoid catching and interrupting reproductive cycle of octopus as well as increase development of the species.

The fishery is truly sustainable and we participate in an FIP project aimed at reaching MSC certification.
Sourcing in an ethical and environmental responsible way is the commitment at the hearth of our business. Our Responsible Sourcing standards, Risk Assessment and Safety Procedures match the highest standards, in the business.

Why we like this product?

It is actively appreciated in USA, Japan and Europe alike, and its Sustainable fishing practice make it a long term resource on which to plan octopus business development for all major seafood processors and distributors.

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