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Giang Thanh Farm - Nha Trang Seafood

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Introducing Selected Shrimp Farms

We believe farming shrimp is producing food and we select farms that adhere to strict standards.

Our Quality Assurance team select farms which environmental and social responsibility performance satisfy our strict responsible sourcing requirements

All farms selected must be ASC and BAP certified.

Responsible farming:

The facility meets the requirements of BAP and ASC. They are committed to provide healthy shrimp with fresh good quality and a sustainable process of farming and harvesting in accordance to high standards of food hygiene and safety as well as environmental sustainability.  Thanks to the high standards applied to farming there is no problem in the farm with mangrove loss, illegal use of harmful chemicals or workers welfare. The farm has also been applying and experimenting with the latest aquaculture innovation including automatic feeding, automatic waste collectors, water recirculating systems, and a nursing system which could boost survival rate up to 90%. Salinity is up to 2.5 %, creating raw material with good color and preventing muddy flavor in the shrimp. Moreover, GT farm’s products satisfy the requirement of traceability with specific and transparent farm codes, creating a stronger and safer supply chain for the processing factory. 

Why choose Giang Thanh farm?

The farm is located in Kien Giang province, in the southern part of the Mekong Delta region, near the coast. The Mekong Delta plays a central role in Vietnam’s aquaculture and seafood industry. This region is the country’s largest aquaculture production area and Kien Giang is the second largest area within it (127,000 ha). In this scenario, Giang Thanh farm will be our new shrimp supplier because of its high-quality shrimp. Moreover, the greatly enhanced transportation infrastructure in the area supports maintaining the shrimp in best conditions during transport from farm to processing factory.

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