Culinary Creations: LP Foods Test Kitchen

LP Foods test kitchen is where the magic happens.
We are staffed with 1 Corporate chef – Mr. Hung, a Vietnam resident chef with extensive working experience in luxury restaurants and leisure clubs in south East Asia and in Dubai.
We have 2 chef consultant who contribute to the development of Culinary Receipts and Special Product ideas: 1 chef from Italy contributing the best of Italian Cuisine and Mediterranean flavors, and 1 chef from Mexico, bringing us the flavors of Central and South America.


Customization and Shorter Product development Cycle:

Customization and Shorter Product development Cycle:

Product Development requires multiple sending of samples back and forth for refining and approval. Factories are busy, this process can take plenty of time and cause strong delays, especially when multiple samples sending are necessary.

Our Test Kitchen takes care of developing the samples together with the end client, then after samples are signed off, they are transported to the processing factory for industrialization and mass production;

Lower Product Develo pment Cost:

The shorter cycle and improved communication between our NPD staff and clients result in less sampling, faster development, less costs of human, samples, airfreight and so forth;
Lower Product Develo pment Cost
Marketing Content and Collaterals Development

Marketing Content and Collaterals Development:

We have in staff videographers and graphic designers to create all marketing necessaries for clients to properly run their promotions to consumers offline and online.

From short videos, to technical and sustainability videos, to Commercial Leaflets, we can provide for any requirement;

Working place for Corporate Chefs in Vietnam and in Asia:

We welcome Corporate Chefs of our clients to visit us and use our Test Kitchen as a base to create their Culinary Receipts and customize the flavors.

Thanks to Vietnam availability of all ingredients and spices and
our set up connections with all reputable developer of breadcrumbs, marinated, packaging solution, we are ready for any development project;

Customization and Shorter Product development Cycle:
Faster times to market and New Products rotation

Faster times to market and New Products rotation:

Innovation is important. Consumer request trendy products, global flavors; they want to be intrigued by taste, presentation and appeal; they want to be engaged by the Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Our Product Development model and Marketing Development is thought to make this possible for all seafood companies who believes in food and in doing the right thing.

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