Product description:

Grab and Go is the idea of a fast preparation dish to be distributed through convenience stores, cafeteria, food courts, pubs and bars, anywhere am healthy and tasty meals can be served.

Modern consumer requires a luxury range of trendy flavors and the daily taste of Asian, European, Latin American cuisine intriguing their foodie’s cravings.
We created an entire line of microwaveable ready meals and mono-consumer dishes that can be prepared in 2 minutes.

Our microwave trays have special vents to let steam out and cook evenly, for a full visual satisfaction of the consumer.

Responsible Sourcing:

Our Grand and Gourmet ingredients are sourced with the focus on Environmental and Social Responsibility which is part of our DNA and all our products.

Our seafood is either BAP 4* and ASC or is covered by FIP as per our company DNA.

Social Responsibility is at the heart of our business, our products are Eco Friendly and Socially Ethical.
No antibiotics, no palm oil, no GMO, no added fat, totally nontoxic is common of all our products.

All Natural Ingredients

No Additives

No GMO's

Responsibly sourced

Socially Responsible

Why we like this product?

The range of products is vast and always evolving.From Marinated Shrimps, to Skewers, to Marinated fish, to Pre-fried flavored shrimps, our range is expanding and is a 1 stop shopping for the distributors that really want to differentiate themselves away into consumer-focused products and marketing.

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