Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers that we at LP FOODS often address. If you have a question that is not covered in this list, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Q: Do You Sell Retail Or Direct To Consumers?

A: LP Foods is a B2B business specializing in International trade of full container loads. That means we only sell to International Retailers and Wholesalers 20 feet (for Japan) or 40 feet sea containers. 

Q: Do You Have Your Own Factory?

A: LP Foods never wanted to be involved in owning factories because we believe our business is professional service in seafood and not managing 500-1000 workers.

We instead focused on investing capital in the ventures needed to support our customer’s business requirements (set up new factories, buy special machineries, import large quantities of seafood raw material from outside Asia) to give more trust and confidence to the local partners (see Sourcing)

Q: What if I need a product other then Shrimps, Fish and Octopus ?

A: LP Foods has expertise in a wide range of products developed trough years of business relationships with clients in Europe, USA and Japan.

Squid, Cuttlefish, Tuna, Swordfish are among the products we can process confidently under all kind of specifications, including Japanese style products.

Just enquire us to discover all our skills and know how (see Products)

Q: Are your prices competitive ?

A: We are a very competitive company, as long as you compare apple with apple. We have very strict Quality requirements but also very strict Sustainability Requirements and that are restrictions on the Supply Chain. So for the seafood quality we supply we are very competitive.

Q: What do you mean by ‘Responsible Sourcing’ you keep talking about ?

A: LP Foods only deal with farms and fisheries who are Sustainable both Environmentally and Socially. This can be reflected in the international certifications (think ASC, BAP, Smeta,…) or in the implementation of the specific requirements of large customers (think Retailers typically).

The philosophy about means Responsible Sourcing and is reflected in our frequent Audits of the supply chain.

Do not confuse Responsible Sourcing with Food Safety, which is related to factory processing and means checking (and correcting where needed) that all major health and hygiene precautions are present, from the plant age and maintenance to the seafood processing operations (think BRC, IFS, …).

Q: How Many Products Can You Mix Into One Shipment?

A: This depends mainly on the products you want, the availability/seasonality and the geographical distance between the factories. However, generally speaking, it fluctuates between 2 to 4 products for a 40 feet container. The minimum quantity for each product should be around 3 tons so the printing cost would not be too high.


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