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  • 三代人以来,我们为全球的零售商和连锁餐厅提供优质的海产品
  • 我们的供应链经过了全面认证与专业审计。LP Foods保证提供100%的良心产品!
  • 在章鱼和鱼类产品方面,我们已与客户一起建立了强大的专业知识
  • 欢迎每一位负责任的海产品进口商,免费获得您的东南亚供应链的评估!





LP Foods获得了英国零售商协会(BRC)AA级认证

  • 定期进行内部食品安全和质量管理体系审查
  • 因强大的溯源系统而被授予AA级
  • 经BRC认证的组织比起不具备该认证的组织,更加可靠和值得信赖。这是为了确保我们为客户提供高质量、可持续采购的产品和材料,同时也确保我们的供应链不仅有效而且维护良好


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LP Foods team is professionally prepared to perform full Supply Chain Audits on the basis of ASC and BAP, as well as implement our customers’ RS standards thus protecting their brands.

In our efforts to do the right thing and make a small contribution for a better world, we only deal with seafood items with a sustainable profile backed up by a recognised sustainability certification, as well as actively engage in FIP projects with NGO’s to seek improvements to fisheries who need it.

We strongly desire to be Socially Responsible, and we monitor the Welfare of all workers across our supply chain parts, through recognized social certifications (Smeta, BCSI) as well as active cold checks and inspections.

Special Product in the way to engage the Consumer

Modern consumer requires trendy products, global authentic flavours, attractive presentations.

They require products to be Sustainable and Socially Responsible.

They require to be intrigued by taste and engaged by ethics.

LP Foods believes in the value of seafood, as a good food, to create

‘shared moments and experiences’

Our test kitchen model is to create, develop and market kitchen solutions that are faster to prepare, healthier, more nutritious: in a word, better.

We have 4 Corporate Chefs on site.

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