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Salt & Pepper
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Smoky Tomato
Chili And Herb
Lime Pepper
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Piri Piri
Sweet Chili
Tom Yum
Thai Green Coconut
Old Bay


Introducing our marinated shrimp range, a modern take for retailers and foodservice based on our ASC and BAP 4* Vannamei Shrimps.

Cooked in a pan or microwave it is a convenient product that can be used as a meal or a condiment for pasta and rice.

Our large collection of fusion flavours is open to customization and continuously evolving to include all traditional receipts from all culture and traditions

Trendy flavours of a health and convenient product

Try our grab an go meals

Special Tray

Printed Bags

Special Products is the way to engage the consumer

Modern consumers require trendy products, global authentic flavours, attractive presentations.

They require products to be Sustainable and Socially Responsible.

They require to be intrigued by taste and engaged by ethics.

LP Foods believes in the value of seafood, as a good food, to create ‘shared moments and experiences’.

Our Test Kitchen Model is to create, develop and market kitchen solutions that are faster to prepare, healthier, more nutritious: in a word, better.



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Passion Foods

Take them home and enjoy the moment

Passion Foods is the product of creativity of our chefs creating restaurant dishes you can bring home.

We are freeing our kitchen fantasy to deliver tantalizing flavors and gourmet dishes to your home.

Ready in minutes, you just pick it up and bring it home.

Alone, or with family, or friends, we have a vision of good food.

And then of course, as per all LP does, fresh ingredients and a market leading approach to respect of the environment and fair enrichment and support to the communities that work with us.

The way to engage the consumer

Most Popular

Marinated Shrimps

Sichuan Marinated Shrimp

Gochujang Marinated Shrimp

Chimichurri Marinated Shrimp


Shrimp Skewer Marinated With Smokey Bbq

Skewer Marinated With Garlic And Herbs

Shrimp Skewer With Thai Marinade

Pre Fried Breaded Vannamei Shrimp

Pre-Fried Coconut Breaded Shrimp

Pre-fried Sweet Chili Breaded Shrimp

Pre-Fried Cajun Breaded Shrimp

Pre-Fried Old Bay Breaded Shrimp

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