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Grab & Go  Meals

Take them home and enjoy the moment

Passion Foods is the product of creativity of our chefs creating restaurant dishes you can bring home.

We are freeing our kitchen fantasy to deliver tantalizing flavors and gourmet dishes to your home.

Ready in minutes, you just pick it up and bring it home.

Alone, or with family, or friends, we have a vision of good food.

And then of course, as per all LP does, fresh ingredients and a market leading approach to respect of the environment and fair enrichment and support to the communities that work with us.


Our Ready meals brand

Authentic Global Flavors

Saute and Serve is a collection of ready meals that are defining the future of gourmet meals through a deep commitment to environmental and social change.

We make mindful business decisions that connect environmental impact, the prosperity of the farmers and factories we rely on, as well as the enrichment of the communities we live in.

We seek opportunities to create new frozen meals concepts that inspire change by providing an innovative experience that is based on shared values and kind spirit.

We aim to inspire with our solid foundation of values as well as inspire others to follow our lead and pursue sustainable, conscious business practices.


Our special shrimps Brand

What is Amino Acid Shrimps?

Amino Acid Shrimps is a premium brand dedicated to growing shrimps rich in important nutrition ingredients for your body’s health.

We focus on growing shrimps rich in Amino Acids with Antioxidant powers which are known for carrying Health Benefits for the consumer.

We work with professional doctors in Human Nutrition from London, Japan and Singapore.

Sustainable Seafoods

Who We Are


Responsible Sourcing


Product Innovation


LP Foods team is professionally prepared to perform full Supply Chain Audits on the basis of ASC and BAP, as well as implement our customers’ RS standards thus protecting their brands.

In our efforts to do the right thing and make a small contribution for a better world, we only deal with seafood items with a sustainable profile backed up by a recognised sustainability certification, as well as actively engage in FIP projects with NGO’s to seek improvements to fisheries who need it.

We strongly desire to be Socially Responsible, and we monitor the Welfare of all workers across our supply chain parts, through recognized social certifications (Smeta, BCSI) as well as active cold checks and inspections.

Special Product in the way to engage the Consumer

Modern consumer requires trendy products, global authentic flavours, attractive presentations.

They require products to be Sustainable and Socially Responsible.

They require to be intrigued by taste and engaged by ethics.

LP Foods believes in the value of seafood, as a good food, to create

‘shared moments and experiences’

Our test kitchen model is to create, develop and market kitchen solutions that are faster to prepare, healthier, more nutritious: in a word, better.

We have 4 Corporate Chefs on site.

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