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Sustainable Seafood.

Global coverage

  • Back up suppliers in same country or different countries. Real strategic partnerships with market leaders. Different markets so critical mass allowing utilization of sizes Strong foundations for investment Joint continuous improvement


  • We only source our seafood from our LP Foods network of suppliers, which are fully audited for compliance to the highest standards.We guarantee all our seafood can be traced back to its origin, very pond it was farmed in or boat it came from. Focus on working with fully integrated suppliers. Engaging with suppliers to develop and maintain 3rd party certifications and embrace new industry leading policies. Use of technology to improve supply chain transparency.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

  • Promotion of sustainable and low impact farming and fishing based on:
    • FISHING GEARS: Hand and Pool Catching
    • FRESHNESS: Sashimi Quality, raw eating
    • SOCIAL BENEFITS: Support of fishing communities
  • Engagement actively in SFP fishery improvement programs in Vietnam and Indonesia and expanding Asia reach;
  • Working actively to develop new artisan fisheries globally;
  • Rely on Sedex and BCSI to protect Workers Welfare and routinely monitor our suppliers for compliance;
  • Developing our network of Research Universities in Singapore to face issue as water pollution, eyestalk ablation and similar;
  • Working to improve the transparency of fishmeal and fish oil ingredients to improve sustainability and decrease overtime use of marine ingredients.

GMO, Hormone, and Antibiotic free

  • Our seafood is 100% free of antibiotics, added hormones and GMOs

Quality and Accreditations

  • BAP 4* accredited establishments
  • ASC farms Sea caught items:
    +MSC – Marine Stewardship Council
    +FIP – Fishery Improvement Project
  • Monitoring of fishing techniques, tools, bycatch Factories:
  • Sedex, Smeta or equivalent Social Certification standard