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COVID-19 vs Vietnam Shrimps Industry

While other major shrimp exporters such as India, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Thailand
are heavily disrupted by the pandemic, Vietnam has a competitive advantage over rival suppliers thanks to the swift Covid-19 containment. Even though there were setbacks in the first few months of the outbreak, Vietnam shrimp companies have managed to stabilize its production and maintained competitive prices in response to the high demands from the US and EU market.

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Our clams are cooked and vacuum packed to preserve freshness and juice, or bulk packed for industrial producers.

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Octopus Maya

Daily caught by Pole and Bait boats, Octopus Maya lands freshness at our plant in multiple daily delivery.

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SPECIAL PRODUCT: Marinated Shrimp

Our Marinated Shrimps are a collection of fusion flavors trendy and attracting the global foodies all over. Our collection of flavors is vast and ever evolving and includes Asian, European and Latin American flavors.

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